About Us: Our Teachers
Pineview Preschools Teachers

Meet Our Directors:

Emily Ramos, Director, Douglas Campus

Emily Ramos




Mabel Del Busto, Director, Downtown Campus

Mabel Del Busto

Downtown campus



Natalia Zajdman, Director, Sunset Campus

Natalia Zajdman




Natalia Zajdman, Director, Sunset Campus

Natalie Diaz


Our teachers are passionate about education and are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing environment that offers personalized attention to every student. Many of our teachers have been with us since we opened our doors in 2002.


All members of our staff are professionally trained in child development and early childhood education. While most of our lead teachers hold Associates or Bachelor Degrees, lead teachers are required to have recognized certification, such as Child Development Associate and a Florida Child Care Professional Credential certificate, at a minimum.


Teachers receive ongoing training each year, in order to further their early childhood development and education skills. In-service training is earned in a variety of ways, such as participation at national, state, or local conferences; specialized workshops; or completion of early childhood courses.


In addition, teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid and have health screenings done every other year to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. All staff members undergo local, FBI and FDLE background screenings, as a condition of employment and continued employment at our schools.