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PIneview Preschools FAQ

Are Pineview Preschools Licensed and Inspected?


What are your hours?


What programs do you offer?


Is Pineview Preschools, a pay-as-you-go preschool?


What forms do I need to register my child?


Does Pineview accept subsidized programs including VPK?


Are uniforms worn at Pineview?


What if I need to withdraw my child from school?


What curriculum do you use?


Do you have other components that enhance your curriculum?


What enrichment programs and activities do you offer?


What methods of discipline do you use at Pineview?


What would a typical day be like for my child?


What sort of screenings and help do you provide for children who need extra assistance?


How do I find out how my child is progressing in school?


Do your teachers help with potty training?


Are children expected to nap in your program?


What is your sick policy?


Do you administer medication at school?


What happens if my child gets hurt at school?


What type of security and emergency procedures does Pineview have in place?


How can I become involved at Pineview?


Are meals provided at Pineview?


Are birthdays and holidays celebrated at Pineview?


What time should I bring my child to school?


What if I arrive late to pick up my child?