We are proud to have a team of exceptional and highly qualified staff. Here are some of the fantastic things our team have said about working for Pineview Preschools:

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Over the past 9 years Pineview has become like a second home to me. Pineview is more than just a job; it’s become a family as well as a place where I’ve made lifelong friends working here throughout the years. I have been teaching for 25 years, but Pineview is the place I have learned and grown the most.


I look forward to coming to work every day knowing that I will spend my day getting to know the children in my class and their families. I take pride in what I do, and I have formed many lasting relationships with parents and their children. I am so thankful every day to be a part of Pineview Preschools because my work that I am so passionate and dedicated to is valued and appreciated. Pineview, I knew you were special within the first 5 minutes I stepped foot into your school for the first time. The moment I walked into the office for my interview with our director Natalia Zajdman, I knew at that second that this was the place for me!


Ms. Marilyn Rodriguez
PreK4 Teacher- Sunset Campus
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“Every child should have an adult in their lives who cares about them. And he’s not always a biological father or a family member. He can be a friend or a neighbor. He is often a teacher.” -Joe Manchen


That friend or neighbor mentioned in the quote is represented by Pineview Preschools, which is the teachers who work here for each child. Particularly Pineview Preschools Douglas is the center that has given me the opportunity to practice as a teacher in an enthusiastic, friendly, and professional manner.


I feel at home because all the staff are like a family where help, communication, good treatment, motivation, and understanding are always present in our school every day, led by our directors Ms. Julie and Ms. Carolina.


It is also a beautiful and clean place where the treatment that the children receive translates into love and patience from the teachers. Many activities are carried out with which the parents are very grateful and happy.


Pineview Preschools is a place where every child learns and is happy and every teacher has the opportunity to grow and develop.


Ms. Yuliett Perez
Toddler Teacher- Douglas Campus
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I have been working as a teacher with Pineview since 2021 and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. Pineview welcomed me with open arms, and I felt right at home. It is a wonderful school with amazing administrators and knowledgeable teachers. It’s truly been an amazing and fun experience.


Ms. Carolina Santana
PreK3 Teacher- Sunset Campus
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I’ve worked at Pineview Preschools Douglas campus for the past six years and within those six years, I’ve not only seen the dedication to excellence displayed by our staff but have had the absolute pleasure to witness the love that is poured into every moment. Pineview Preschools is a place that warmly welcomes creativity and encourages you to bring your imagination to life- often bringing out your inner child in the process.

All great things of course start within the leadership of our school. When you meet the owners, you realize how passionate they are about early childhood education. This in turn leads to all the administrative team who are very passionate about the same cause. Pineview is a positive environment where teachers can thrive and feel supported by the administrative team because teaching is not simply a job- it is a passion!

There is nothing more encouraging to me than being surrounded by individuals who support and share those same goals. I can learn alongside my peers, develop professionally, and take part of something truly special daily. In my humble opinion, Pineview Preschools is not just a preschool, it is family!


Ms. Emily Martinez
PreK4 Teacher- Douglas Campus
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I have been in this profession for more than 15 years and I love it so much.  Being a teacher of young children, I listen to them, I’m excited about their learning, I believe in the process and their abilities, and fundamentally recognize that children are unique and special.


I have been working at Pineview for 7 + years and there are a lot of amazing things I can say about this special place. Just to mention a few: the nurturing and supportive environment, the opportunity to make a positive impact on young children’s lives, the collaborative team atmosphere, the focus on early childhood development, and the engaging curriculum that allows you to foster creativity and learning.


Ms. Mariana Gastaldi
Toddler Teacher- Sunset Campus
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I have been working at Pineview for 5 + years. I am very thankful and grateful that Pineview welcomed me with open arms. I don’t consider Pineview my workplace, I consider it my second home. The ambience and environment of this school is truly one of the best. I enjoy coming to work every day with amazing administrators and teachers. Pineview, thank you for helping me grow as a teacher and as a person as well.


Ms. Sindy
PreK3 Teacher- Sunset Campus
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Working at Pineview for almost three years was an amazing experience. The administrative staff are very supportive of their teachers but also of the parents and children. At Pineview Preschools I had the opportunity to be around an amazing group of teachers that turned into a family. I grew so much as a teacher but also as an individual and I am forever grateful for that. Pineview will always have a place in my heart.


Melanie Mejia
PreK3 Teacher- Sunset Campus

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