Parents are our best referral source and the driver of our success for over 20 years. Here are some of the great things parents have said about Pineview Preschools.

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Dear Pineview Preschool,


With immense gratitude and fond memories, we are writing this testimonial to express our heartfelt appreciation for the nurturing environment, exceptional education, and unwavering support that you have provided to our twin daughters over the past five years.


As parents, it is a daunting task to entrust our children to the hands of others, but the warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the genuine passion and expertise displayed by your educators, quickly put our minds at ease. From the very first day we stepped into Pineview Preschool, we knew we had found a place that would not only take great care of our daughters, but also foster their growth and development in every way possible. 


Throughout the years, we have watched our daughters flourish under the guidance of your dedicated teachers. They have not only acquired essential early learning skills but have also developed a strong sense of confidence, independence, and empathy – all of which are invaluable assets as they prepare to embrace kindergarten and beyond.


The comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum at Pineview Preschool has undoubtedly played a significant role in preparing our girls for this upcoming transition. Whether it was through engaging activities that sparked their curiosity, creative arts that allowed them to express their imagination, or group interactions that taught them the value of teamwork, we are delighted with the breadth of knowledge and social skills they have gained during their time with you.


Furthermore, we are deeply grateful for the individual attention and care that our daughters have received from all their teachers and teaching assistants. Their patience, love, and constant encouragement have made our girls feel secure, loved, and inspired to explore the world around them fearlessly.


As parents, seeing our daughters excitedly embrace each day at Pineview Preschool has been a joy beyond measure. Your dedication to providing a safe and nurturing environment has not only impacted their early education but also instilled in them a genuine love for learning that will undoubtedly propel them forward as they continue their educational journey.


Thank you, Pineview Preschool, for being an integral part of our daughters’ lives. We wholeheartedly recommend your school to any parents seeking exceptional care, love, and education for their little ones.


With sincerest gratitude,



Josh and Jonathan Cabrera-Caruso
Douglas Campus
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My son has been in Pineview Douglas location for the last three years, from age 2 until 5 (Prek-4) and honestly I have only great things to say about it. Ms. Julie (Director of Pineview Douglas location) is very caring and easy to talk to, she’s there for the whole family. She is very knowledgeable, takes time to know each child as a unique individual, and will give you the best recommendations for the wellbeing of your child. Both Ms. Caro (Assistant Director) and Ms. Julie respond very fast to calls and emails so there’s good communication when needed. 

All the teachers we’ve met have been wonderful! I feel even the teachers my son didn’t get to have, know him and care about him. All the teachers we had in the three years at Pineview have been great, caring and loving. If there was a concern they would call me right away so we could work together. 

The education system is very hands on which makes the kids have fun while learning and wanting to learn. My son loves all the projects they do during the year. They also have beautiful and cozy outdoor spaces which makes it very nice for outdoor activities, playground time or even to eat lunch/snack. 

Throughout the year there have been different events for the whole family, which made it nice to socialize with other parents and with teachers outside school settings.  Pineview truly feels like a family, my son considers it his second home, and we are very sad this is our last year there. I can’t recommend Pineview Douglas Location enough. 


The Zoldan Family
Douglas Campus
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Pineview is an amazing preschool. It really is the best environment to have your child grow, learn and thrive. The teachers and staff are exceptional. Pineview is family, which is what we love most about it. Both our children started in Pineview in the infant program at 4 months of age and we don’t regret this decision at all. It helped them begin a strong foundation for their education. We are 110% comfortable leaving our children every day at Pineview. We have and will continue to recommend Pineview to anyone that asks because Pineview has so much to offer a child. There are so many fun activities for the children and as parents we enjoy taking part in activities and events planned for the children.

The Diaz Family
Douglas Campus
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Pineview has been our second home since our son started when he turned Nine months old. Enrolling him in school was the hardest and best decision we have ever made. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to this community for welcoming Benjamin with open arms at such an early age.

There are so many schools to choose from with a variety of promising programs. Not only does Pineview have a remarkable educational program, but the fact also that the teachers and staff are so devoted and loving with children is a huge plus. Their warm spirit, welcoming disposition, dedication, and commitment to care for our little ones as they do is undoubtedly difficult to match.

My husband and I are forever grateful to Pineview and the amazing humans that make up the “Pineview community”, who have loved us and taken care of our son as if he was theirs throughout his early childhood. We wish we would never have to leave.

If you are a parent reading this testimonial, I can only assure you that your child is in exceptional hands.

The Augustama Family
Douglas Campus
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Our time in Pineview was amazing and very rewarding for our family. From the very first day, we knew our daughter was beginning her first schooling experience in a safe place, filled with very fun and engaging learning activities, lots of friends, and amazing teachers and staff. All who have been very sweet, supportive and caring. We love having been part of the Pineview family and will always have a special place in our hearts.

The Padron Family
Douglas Campus
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It’s been five years since the moment I chose Pineview Preschools to care for my child. As a first-time mom, I was scared and sad but confident and happy that my then 3-month-old would be in great hands. As my daughter’s last day at Pineview comes to a close, I reflect on the moments that have impacted my life as a mother and the moments that changed my child’s life. When you find teachers and staff that go above and beyond to make every day magical and encourage them to dream big, that is priceless. The education and growth I’ve seen in my daughter throughout the years is incredible. There are no words that could ever express the amount of gratitude and love that I have for every teacher that has cared for her through the years. I take this moment to thank you all for every sweet gesture, every event, every picture, and all the memories in between. Pineview will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Eternally grateful, 



The Solito Family
Douglas Campus
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Pineview Preschools Douglas has been such a great experience for my daughters and also for me! Ms. Odarmis and Ms. Annia are wonderful. My girls love to come to school to play and learn every day. They do plenty of activities and they will send photos through the Procare app.

The principal, Ms. Julie, is very approachable and responsive, always does her best to help you in any way she can! 


The Del Vecchio Family
Douglas Campus
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I am absolutely thrilled with Pineview Douglas Preschool! From day one, the teachers’ dedication and care have been outstanding. They create such a warm and nurturing environment that my baby loves going there every single day.

The progress my little one has made since starting at Pineview Douglas is truly remarkable. The teachers’ expertise and attention to each child’s development are evident in every aspect. I am incredibly impressed with this preschool and cannot recommend it enough. It’s a place where children thrive, and I’m grateful for the positive impact it’s had on my baby’s growth and happiness.



The Ofman Family
Douglas Campus
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Home away from home 🙂


For 6.5 years Pineview has provided my family with a safe, fun, creative, loving, educational and comfortable environment. I cannot imagine a better place to have dropped off my kids for full days not having to spend a minute worrying about them and knowing they were receiving all the love and care I would want for them. In addition, Pineview offers a full steam program providing the kids a wonderful environment to learn and grow with tons of hands-on activities. I have countless pictures of my kids having the best time doing the coolest things. They looked forward to school every day. All their teachers have had their best interest in mind and cared and taught for them as if they were their own. My kids learned how to walk, talk, color, play, write, and read all while at Pineview. I have beautiful memories of holiday shows, important celebrations, parent participation activities, art galleries, you name it. Pineview will remain in our hearts forever, we are so incredibly thankful for this school.


The Lappas Family
Douglas Campus
Lama Family New photo

I toured Pineview when I was pregnant trying to get all my ducks in a row and make sure I had a spot secured when I had to return to work from maternity leave. When I toured, all I saw were happy kids in all the classrooms. The only sad kid I saw was the one that was getting picked up early because they didn’t want to leave – this solidified my choice. When my 12 weeks of maternity leave were done my first stop on my way to work was Pineview for drop off. Drop-off went smooth and I headed to work – I got a couple of pictures throughout the day. On December 3, 2018, we joined the Pineview Family. We worked through pandemic protocols. We grew, we learned, and we THRIVED – I say we because it wasn’t only Rosalie learning it was me too. 


As our journey with Pineview comes to an end, I’m overjoyed at all that Pineview has to offer and the foundation that was laid for her future growth! 


We absolutely LOVE you Pineview!!!


The Lama Family (Rosalie and Lorena)
Douglas Campus
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We LOVE Pineview!!!


Pineview is absolutely amazing and the very best school I could have sent my toddler to (and I looked at quite a few!). The teachers and admin have a genuine love and care for the children which creates a safe and nurturing environment that feels like a second home. From the themed activities and events to the creative daily lessons, my daughter has thrived at Pineview. After six months in the Toddler One program, she was counting to 12, singing the ABCs and knew all primary colors and shapes. There is nowhere like Pineview! I only wish she could attend until college!


Megan Harris
Douglas Campus
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We just want to express our gratitude for the amazing program you run for the little ones at Pineview Douglas. When we started looking for a preschool for our son, we knew we wanted a high-quality program with a good curriculum and a nurturing environment. Pineview had all the elements from the STEAM curriculum to the building security, the beautiful and clean facility and most importantly an amazing loving and nurturing environment. I also can’t forget the super fun activities you have for all the holidays and celebrations and not to mention the summer camp…. what a blast! We have seen our son flourish in a way that is only possible because of the beautiful connections he has developed with the amazing teachers and staff. We are so grateful to be part of the Pineview family and wish we could stay forever!


The Cousins Family
Douglas Campus
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The Pineview Douglas campus has proven to truly be an incredible early childcare setting for our son Benjamin. The administration and staff are committed to providing a safe, fun, and loving environment, and we have seen our son thrive in the past two years he has been attending. The campus and classrooms are always immaculate and equipped with developmentally appropriate toys and materials. All of the Douglas campus staff, regardless of whether or not they are or have been our son’s primary caregivers, know Benjamin and our family. We can’t recommend Pineview enough and are very thankful to the whole team!


The Del Campo Family
Douglas Campus
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When our son was first born, we started looking for a preschool that not only would we feel comfortable leaving him at (at such a young age), but that would ultimately teach him the building blocks he would need to enter kindergarten when that time came. We were also looking for a preschool that would continue to teach him the two languages (English and Spanish) that we were teaching our son at home. 


What we were not expecting was to find a family we didn’t know we needed! You see, Pineview has become more than our son’s preschool, it has become our family! All the teachers at the school know our son, and nurture and love him as if he was their own. Everyone at Pineview has also gotten to know us (mom and dad) as well as our son’s grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. We have also found other families just like us, with the same passion for education, family, and friends, and have established a solid foundation of friends for our son to grow up with.


Now that our son is in the VPK program, I cannot help but feel bittersweet. On the one hand, we have one more year with our Pineview family before he is off to kindergarten. But on the other hand, this is our last year at Pineview! I think I’m going to miss this school more than my son will, ha-ha.


Overall, we could not be happier with our selection of a Preschool that embodies the same core values that we do. A child’s first few years of life are critical in the sense that they begin to develop who they will ultimately become, and his experience while in Pineview the past four years gives me comfort that he will continue to develop his core values and current love for school as he has here.


Pineview – we will miss you!


The Bernal Family
Douglas Campus
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Our daughter, Luna has been with Pineview for 3 years and each year was amazing, truly filled with laughter, smiles, hugs, songs, fun and much love. She loves her teachers and talks about them often, and we know she will always have a special place in her heart for them. She has learned so much in these years and we are grateful beyond words.


The Causevic Family
Douglas Campus


I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for helping Mason make the transition into the school setting. The first two weeks were rough, probably more for mom and dad than Mason, but he progressed so quickly and absolutely LOVES being at Pineview Preschools. Ms. Confesora has been the perfect fit for his personality. She is so caring, gentle, and patient and he has responded so well to her teaching style. In such a short period of time, Mason has grown to love his teacher very much and the school. He comes home talking about letters and new words he has learned while in school. He walks through the hallways saying hello to everyone who passes. He comes home saying the names of the “nene’s” in his class. The Mora family could not be happier to be a part of the Pineview family. Thank you so much for your dedication and leadership to creating a learning environment that feels like a home away from home. I tell Ms. Confesora all the time how happy we are and how thankful we are to have been placed with her, but she definitely deserves a little shout out! We are so excited to begin the school year and see what new things Mason will learn! Best regards from one happy mom!


The Mora Family
Douglas Campus
brittney & felipe

After having a private sitter for nearly 2 years of our son’s life, it was time to choose a school for our 3-year old. It was definitely a process, one which included tour after tour and meeting after meeting, to decide which place was best. I not only had to choose the right school for our son, but as he started the school year late, it limited his enrollment for many of the schools I liked.


I called Pineview Preschools and immediately scheduled a tour. When I went for the tour the first thing I noticed was the security, all doors require codes. That was a definite plus, knowing our child is safe leaves us with a clear mind when we drop him off in the mornings. The two ladies in the front office made me feel welcomed, but most importantly made my son feel comfortable, he even received a toy before we left. The school was extremely clean and organized. I observed and analyzed everything, I loved the atmosphere of the school, the friendly staff, the separation in age groups, and the learning through discovery curriculum.


My sons first day went smoother then I thought, his teachers were so kindhearted and patient. As he cried while I left, they attended to him. I was reassured he was in good hands. As I was leaving the school the front office staff allowed me to call as many times as I needed to check on my son. The school has proved to be like another home, the teachers and staff are starting to become family and the environment seems like one my son enjoys. It only took him one week to adjust and quickly the “mommy I wanted you at school” turned into “mommy school was fun.”


If my son can tell us he’s happy at Pineview, then as parents we know we made a good choice for him. We look forward to his growth and time there.


Brittney & Felipe
Douglas Campus
the varela family

Pineview has been more than a home to Joaquin and Victor. It was a magical place where they have learned to read, write and play. They know about the solar system and know all about the planets. They know all about the bones, rain, condensation and all of the continents. And most importantly they have been given so much love by your teachers. When I look back, I think I’m the one that will miss Pineview!


The Varela Family
Douglas Campus
vivian arenas

I am Aurelia Diaz’s grandmother. I am taking time to write to you, because I am so impressed with your facility and your wonderful staff! I live in Virginia but come to Miami often. When I am there I have the privilege of picking up my little Aurelia in the afternoons. Her teachers are fabulous! They are so loving, attentive and patient with all the children. Andy at the front desk is always kind and welcoming. It is a pleasure to walk into the school. Aurelia loves it and my daughter is very happy to have her enrolled at Pineview. My congratulations for running such a great all around program. It warms my heart to know that she is at Pineview playing, learning and being loved.


Vivian Arenas
Douglas Campus
angela gaona

I have a one-year old boy who attends Pineview Preschool on Douglas Road. He started at four months old and is now in the Toddlers 1 class. I have to say that Pineview is the most beautiful preschool. Once you walk in you can feel the warmth and love, in which our children are nurtured. I know my child is in the best hands and this allows me to feel no worries while at work. My child is learning a lot and his social skills are fantastic. He loves coming to school and enjoys all the special activities. The parent involvement is great and we all feel part of a big family. Thank you Pineview!


Angela Gaona
Douglas Campus
lia ames

I was referred to the Pineview Preschools Douglas location by another parent whose child is currently enrolled there. When I visited for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to find an extremely friendly and warm staff, immaculately clean classrooms and a family-like atmosphere. As a new mother many things can be overwhelming. Choosing a healthy learning environment for my child was a priority for me that came with lots of decisions. My son has been there since he was 9 months old (now he is almost 2) and I feel extremely comfortable leaving him there daily. They keep me well informed of his development and they shower him with kindness. He has absorbed so much from his teachers and has developed great social skills from his peers. I’m very happy and would recommend Pineview to any parent that asked.


Lia Ames
Douglas Campus
itzel rodriguez

I have been working at Pineview for 5 years. When I was pregnant with my son, I always knew without a doubt that my son would attend the school. I am at peace knowing that he is in great hands and that he is also learning. I’m very thankful to have found a great school for my child.


Itzel Rodriguez
Douglas Campus

For more than six years we have seen how our two children, Samuel and Benjamin Zamudio, have grown and become the wonderful sweet and smart children that they are today and we have to thank you and all the teachers at Pineview Preschools for the wonderful education you have provided to our children in those six years.


The first five years of a child create the foundation for the children to accomplish key developmental advances and in a society where it is easy to lose sight of what really matters in the life of a child, it is pleasure to find an organization such as Pineview Preschools — an organization that does not skimp on providing a wonderful learning environment in which children can learn, explore and share experiences with other children. We were witnesses of your growth and we are very happy for your success; you really deserve it. We hope many kids can continue to benefit from your wonderful programs for many, many years. Thanks again for helping us with our initial journey in our childrens lives. We will be forever grateful.


Jorge Zamudio and Gaby Tirado
Douglas Campus

Being first time parents, we were very concerned about finding a daycare that would make us feel our son was in a safe and caring environment, we looked around a lot and visited almost every place in the area. After the very first day our little one spent at Pineview, we knew we had made the right decision. Now its been a year and my husband and I, but most importantly our 2-year-old, LOVE Pineview! We are very happy with all the great activities the school puts together, the good care our child receives every day, how clean and organized the facility is. We really like the website information and the pictures that are updated on a weekly basis, we are also very satisfied with the security policies and the constant improvements to make the school a better place every day for the kids. Overall we are very happy our son is spending his early learning years there! And we recommend it all the time to our friends and any other family trying to find an excellent place for their children.


Daniela Patricia Vecchione de Jacovo
Douglas Campus
alex soto

I want to thank you both as well as Emery’s wonderful teachers, Lidia Esther and Alyna, for putting together a fabulous event for us fathers. It is one that I will cherish for a long time. Spending time with Emery and his teachers was so rewarding. It is great to see the atmosphere and the love they have for all the kids. It was also very touching to receive the gifts and participate in the activities they constructed for us dads. Laura and I are thankful that are little one is at Pineview. Thank you all once again for an incredible start to my Father’s Day weekend and for all that you do.


Alex Soto
Douglas Campus
the cuadra family

Pineview has proven to be the BEST we could have selected. We love to know that our daughter is receiving genuine care and individualized attention when we are not with her. She is stimulated each day to learn new things, develop, interact and grow in a safe, friendly, healthy and happy environment. We could not be happier!


The Cuadra Family
Douglas Campus

Our son has been enrolled in Pineview Preschools for the past three years and we feel it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made in parenting. We know that he is in a safe, clean and loving environment that feels like a small community of educators and parents who truly enjoy the process of early education. We’ve recommended the school countless times to friends who are looking for a school for their young ones because we know first-hand how important that decision is and how nerve-wracking the process can be. We love receiving progress reports, seeing photos and watching the kids play, dance and sing. Our son is also enrolled in soccer which is a great perk that the school offers. The arts and crafts that he brings home are adorable as well. Our son always surprises us with the things he’s learning in school. Pineview Preschools gets an A+ from our family and we couldn’t recommend the school enough.


Horth Family
Douglas Campus
kathie lopez

Finding a daycare was one of the most difficult and terrifying experiences we went through as first time parents. Finding a place that makes you feel peace knowing your 6 month old child is well taken care of as a working parent is no easy task. We visited several daycares throughout Miami but none like Pineview Preschools. From the moment we arrived, my husband and I fell in love with the staff and facilities. And we were right. Our son thrived in his infant class, learned new skills, met developmental milestones, played with children his age which allowed for his social development but above all else, the love and tenderness with which his teachers treated him is what I’ll forever be indebted to Pineview Preschools for. Now my son is a year old and I couldn’t be happier with the choice we made in Pineview.


Kathie Lopez
Douglas Campus
Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 08.14.13

Pineview was our first and only experience with a preschool. We visited many. My heart still wasn’t comfortable trusting anywhere. The first time I visited Pineview I felt like it could be a second home for Hunter. Where he would learn, grow, and want to be in school. A place where he could explore his creativity, imagination, talents and not only academically but he could also learn the importance to be kind and share. Same values we teach at home. All these years he didn’t only have teachers, he had love, he had attention, time, and dedication. I wouldn’t choose anywhere else and every time we speakbabout Chase going to school, no other place crosses our minds. It’s Pineview. We appreciate the school, the staff, the teachers, the friends he has there and above all, we appreciate knowing that every child is treat as unique as they are.  Thank you Pineview.


The Harbinson Family
Parkland Campus

Since Kaython started Pineview, he has grown in every level. At the school he learned how to identify mommy and daddy, he knows most of the colors, the alphabet, and how to count etc… On behalf of Kaython and our family, we want to thank you and the entire staff at Pineview. Keep up the good work! Once again, thank you!


Boursiquot Family
Parkland Campus
torres-perez family

We came from another Preschool in the area, where we had been hypnotized by the looks and not what it really was. One afternoon, after picking up my child from that place, I pulled into Pineview Preschools. I was greeted with a smile and a very welcoming receiving area. I immediately started asking questions, and decided to do a tour. I came from another preschool center, with many questions and concerns. However, during the tour at Pineview I started to become less anxious. As Ms. Jeanory took us around the clean and bright facilities, she answered all my questions. As we concluded the visit, I saw how my child liked the environment and seemed very comfortable. It has been two years now, and I am so glad our child goes to Pineview Preschools. I really appreciate the fact that Ms. Natalie and Ms. Jeanory work with all their teachers as a team, and that they really get to know all the children. The administration is young, very professional, dynamic, and are up to date in the latest regarding Early Childhood Education. Most importantly, they really do a fantastic job integrating the families and making them part of their team. We love our school.


Torres-Perez Family
Parkland Campus

I would like to share my wonderful experience of having my babies attend Pineview Preschools. When I started looking for a preschool for my children, I visited many schools in my neighborhood. I was looking for high quality, attentive, loving, and caring teachers who would give me the confidence to leave my children in their care. As a mother of 15-month-old triplets, I had a huge concern about the transition and adaptation of my babies to preschool. My children had always been under my care, with the help of two extremely competent nannies. I visited the school before it had opened and met with the director of the school, Ms. Natalie Diaz. She gave me a tour, welcomed me and explained the school routines and showed me the environment. She demonstrated a lot of knowledge and above all patience, love and care for every piece of information she passed along to me. My babies began school on the first day of Pineview Preschools Parkland grand opening. The school was impeccable! The school environment is all new and airy; its facilities are spacious and well equipped — with modern furniture and safe, age appropriate toys.


What most strikes me about this school, besides all of the qualities I’ve already mentioned, is the love and dedication of the teachers and the director, Ms. Natalie. They always receive my children with a smile and are always willing to help with the difficult transitions with feeding and nap times. They are always attentive to concerns, answering questions and are very flexible with any suggestions. Most of all they do everything with such love and dedication; not only as an obligation. My children love to be at school. I love Pineview and will continue to rely on their services until my children leave to Elementary school. You are all doing a great job.


Waleska Ornela
Parkland Campus

From the moment we toured Pineview Preschools at the Parkland location, we knew that this was the environment that we wanted for our daughter and most importantly it was a school that she felt the most comfortable in too. From the genuinely caring nature of all the staff we met to the incredible facilities, we couldn’t wait for her to start. Our daughter settled in so quickly because of the nurturing and thoughtful approach of her class teacher and the sense of a home from home environment that she felt, which made the transition into a new school as seamless as possible. Our daughter has continued to blossom into a very happy and confident little girl during her time at Pineview and we are incredibly sad to be leaving.


Thank you to everyone at Pineview preschools for making this chapter of her life so enjoyable, and for making the entire family feel at home when we walked through the doors every morning.


The Nicholls Family
Parkland Campus

The staff and the teachers at Pineview Preschool are beyond amazing, you will not find another school who has more passion for learning/education. I can’t thank Ms. Carla and Ms. Naiviv enough for encouraging Daegan and helping him love school again. We have seen so much growth in such a short period of time since coming to Pineview. I would highly recommend this school to any parent searching for a great learning environment with teachers who care.


Kinne Family
Parkland Campus

THANK YOU Ms. Natalie and Ms. Lina for being amazing. I’ve had to travel for the last month on and off for work and it’s so nice to know my boy is in such good hands in the mornings everyday. You do a fabulous job with the school, and Ms. Lina is amazing with the kids. Very grateful!


Spry Family
Parkland Campus
Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 10.44.31

Pineview is home for us. There is no place on earth where I can drop off my children and not have an absolute worry in the world because I know they’re well taken care of. I’ll never forget when I first walked into Pineview 6 years ago to tour it for the first time, I instantly felt the magic and boy has it been magical. I’ve had the opportunity to have all 3 of my children at Pineview and it has been such a blessing. The staff and the teachers are so nurturing and loving, it is such a happy place where kids are free to express themselves and participate in fun activities. Pineview goes over the top on holidays creating such memorable experiences for the children. Pineview is undoubtedly a special place full of special people, and I am grateful to have 1 more year there. Every little kid deserves to have an experience like the Pineview experience. I love Pineview and it will always have a very special place in my heart



The Reutlinge Family
Sunset Campus
Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 10.52.27

Pineview para mi ha sido más que una escuela, unas familia, porque siento que cuidan y ensenan a mis niños como si fieran de ellos mismos…  Estoy feliz de estar rodeada de gente tan hermosa y con una sonrisa todos los dias. Hasta el dia más difícil que tengas, en Pineview te sacan una sonrisa. Ese ambiente positovo me hace sentir segura que mis hijos están están el mejor lugar, están como en casa.



The Torres Family
Sunset Campus
Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 09.34.16

Of all the moments in time, dropping my sweet baby girl off to school after a year home with her was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Now, almost three months later, I know it is the best decision we could have made for her. The Pineview Family has made me feel so confident in her safety and well-being that we even miss school on the weekends! Thank you so much for an exceptional team at Pineview Sunset. Thank you for loving my baby girl like she was your own family. We love you.



The Mejia Family
Sunset Campus
Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 09.32.29

There really aren’t words to describe how much we love our Pineview family, and how incredibly grateful we are to have found such a wonderful place for our girls to learn and grow. Through the outstanding leadership of Natalia and her team, Pineview has assembled an amazing group of caretakers and educators who day in, and day out cultivate an environment of love & joy for all children to thrive in.


The McGuanes Family
Sunset Campus


It was very important to me that I select a school for my children that not only had an excellent curriculum, but a demonstration of true care and compassion for each student. I toured over ten schools in the area — Pineview Preschools Sunset campus was the first and I knew immediately that it was my top choice by the time the tour was over. I’m constantly impressed by the cleanliness of each classroom and common areas, not to mention how secure the campus is. Their curriculum is outstanding and they have truly instilled a love of learning, all while embracing creativity. It’s a very tight community, from the administration to every teacher on campus, communicating constantly to keep parents informed. I cannot express how fortunate we are to be a part of the Pineview Preschools family and will forever be grateful that they helped to cement the foundation for my child’s future.


Melissa Quincosa-Rodriguez
Sunset Campus
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When Noah started Pre-K 2 at Pineview, he had never been away from his family or home. Fortunately, we quickly found that his classroom and teacher became a home away from home, with familial warmth, care, and affection. We are so grateful that his first experience in a school, and especially thanks his first teacher Ms. Keily, was a positive one where he completely blossomed. We were thrilled that his happy experience set the foundation for his educational future, and that he has so warmly been nurtured and taught as he has continued to grow and learn. The teachers and staff do an excellent job and earning parents’ trust because they take the time to get to know the child, are always welcoming and give personalized attention. It has been very heartwarming to see how invested teachers and administration is in my son’s development, as well as how they celebrate his victories just as we do at home. As a parent, you can’t really hope for more. We only wish he could stay through high school =)


The Saavedra Family
Sunset Campus

Dropping off our two little ones at Pineview Preschools allows us to go work with peace of mind – knowing our kids are in a safe environment where they learn in a fun way and enjoy playing with their buddies. They both love their teachers and preschool. Sometimes to the point that they want to stay longer when we pick them up. The teachers and staff are fantastic and caring…and when I say fantastic I mean F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! The curriculum they follow is great, the activities they schedule are fun and the school is always clean and inviting. Communication between school and parents is amazing; they will always inform us of events in advance and communicate with us promptly if something happens. We love Pineview Preschools!


The DaCosta Family
Sunset Campus
chris family

Prior to arriving at Pineview Preschools I searched long and hard for an educational institution that would foster all of the requirements I believed were pivotal in the development of my sweet Noah. Upon arriving at Pineview every second throughout our tour felt perfect! Ms. Natalia and Ms. Sirena greeted our family with a warm and cheerful disposition that continues to the present day. The teachers invest time in my high energy and spirited little boy, always encouraging his strengths and offering solution based alternatives if I request attention to a matter. My Noah takes his class picture to bed and hugs it every night. Needless to say there is no doubt in my mind that Pineview encompasses the perfect balance towards the development of my child. We are blessed to have you Pineview sunset! You have an incredible team of professionals and our family acknowledges and praises your flawless rendered services. With Love!


Chris, Jenny and Noah Moran
Sunset Campus


andy & elizabeth perez

We are so happy we chose Pineview Preschools in South Miami for our son. It was his first time in school and his teachers made the transition a great experience. There is a professional and positive learning environment at Pineview. We also appreciate how clean and safe the school is. Our son has learned so much this year. His teachers are nurturing, patient, sweet and very kind. They go above and beyond with everything they do. It has truly been a blessing to have our son and ourselves become part of this wonderful Pineview family.


Andy & Elizabeth Perez (Luke’s Parents)
Sunset Campus
melissa & chris booth

The first thing we noticed about Pineview Preschools, was how open and airy the campus is. The classrooms are bright, inviting and fun. But what truly sets Pineview apart is the faculty and staff. The teachers are loving and we have never doubted that our daughter is receiving the absolute best care. We recommend Pineview enthusiastically and are grateful for the outstanding level of care and compassion we have found at the school.


Melissa & Chris Booth
Sunset Campus

We enrolled our 3-year-old son and have truly enjoyed seeing him progress over the year and are fortunate to have him in Summer Camp now and returning for PK4! We feel that Pineview Preschools has given our son the opportunity to experience that learning is fun at an early age. This is important as a baseline for his success in his future studies. We thank everyone at Pineview Preschools, Sunset Campus for the memories and taking care of our son, he’s developing into an amazing, intelligent, outgoing and confident young boy. In short, we recommend Pineview Preschools to all of our friends and neighbors! We will be sad when he graduates.


Sandra and Alex Fernandez
Sunset Campus

Our daughter started Pineview Preschools last month and we are very pleased with the attention, love and nurturing she receives on a daily basis. We have peace of mind that she is in the best place, when she is dropped off in the mornings. The facility is inviting and spotless and the faculty is warm and always available. There are opportunities for parent involvement and school wide activities. We couldn’t be any happier with our experience so far and look forward to many more years with the Pineview family!


The Okyle Family
Sunset Campus

This is our daughter’s first preschool experience and we could not be happier! We were so blessed to find Pineview! A true gem of a preschool! The kindness, patience, attention, and love that the staff and teachers show, not only to our daughter, but also to all the children makes Pineview one of the best preschools in Miami. We wanted a place that our daughter would be able to grow emotionally, socially, and mentally during this important time of her development and Pineview has exceeded our expectations! We will always be grateful to Pineview for our daughter’s first exposure to the beauty of learning in a safe and caring environment! Thank you Pineview Preschool!


The Mendez Family
Sunset Campus
the boullon family

Pineview was our first and only choice for our incoming three year old and like many parents, the thought of your child starting “school” is nerve wracking. Thanks to the loving and caring staff at Pineview, our daughter not only transitioned seamlessly, but also is thriving. Every single person, from teacher to assistant has a warm smile for us. She looks forward to coming to school every single day. We love our school!


The Boullon Family
Sunset Campus
the debenedictis family

This is our third year at Pineview and we feel very blessed to be part of the school. It is a pleasure to see how neat, clean and beautiful it is. Great job Natalia! We are very thankful for the personal concern and care that Miss Rhi has shown to our son Lucca. We really appreciate that she has helped him grow in more than just one dimension. As a working mom, it gives me peace of mind to know that Lucca is going to go to school and Miss Rhi will be there for him. We especially appreciate the love, dedication, and attention that Miss Rhi devotes to our son day after day. Thank you Miss Rhi, you are blessing!


The DeBenedictis Family
Sunset Campus
lissette martin

I would like to thank Pineview Preschool for the exceptional teachers, caretakers and staff. Pineview Preschool is a community of babies, toddlers and young children growing and learning the fundamentals to prepare, motivate and inspire them early on into their future education. The school is beyond a doubt a school wherein my daughter is very loved, well taken care of and situated in an extremely safe environment, that I as a working parent appreciate. The school is one of the cleanest preschools I have ever come across. The school is extremely organized and structured. Their teachers are multiculturally sensitive and make every effort for their students to learn in a warm loving environment. My daughter has attended Pineview since the age of 1-1/2 and she loves the school, teachers and staff. The school’s standards of protocol and organization are beyond a doubt truly admirable. Thank you Pineview for always trying to reach the highest standards of quality in a preschool!


Lissette Martin
Sunset Campus
the conill family

We toured several schools before choosing the right preschool for our two-year old. We spoke to other parents, researched the schools online, toured the schools and read as much as we could about the different schools. We knew that we wanted Andres to go to a school where fun and education went hand-in-hand. Upon entering Pineview, we were warmly greeted by Natalia Zajdman, the Director, and shown the school, the classrooms and the playground. We immediately liked what we saw — we loved the smiling staff, the cleanliness of the facility and the overall feeling of the school. I am glad that we went with our instinct and chose Pineview. Our son, Andres, as since blossomed into a smart, curious, active, and fun-loving child. I feel Andres at 3-years old, is very close to being ready for kindergarten. Thanks to the teachers at Pineview! I happily recommend this fine preschool and am excited that my daughter will eventually go to Pineview as well.


The Conill Family
Sunset Campus
mathew and giselle gutierrez

To the amazing staff at Pineview:


We could not be more grateful for your efforts and dedication to our son, Joshua Gutierrez. Josh has been a student at Pineview since he was 11 months old. During these last two-and-a-half years, Josh has blossomed into a confident, independent, and respectful little boy. We especially enjoyed the many thoughtful and creative arts and crafts projects Josh brought home. Josh was always so proud of the projects and so excited to show them to us. Because of you, Josh genuinely loves school and is always eager to understand how the world works. You have fostered a lasting curiosity in Josh that will help make him a life-long learner. And we know it was not always easy. Thank you for showing patience with him on days he was sad or cranky. On those days, you always went the extra mile to make him feel loved and cared for. Thank you also for providing meaningful opportunities for parent involvement. It was an honor to partner with Pineview in building this very important educational foundation for Josh. Although Josh’s time at Pineview is coming to an end, the lessons he learned and the experiences he gained will remain with him for the rest of his life. Forever grateful!


Mathew and Giselle Gutierrez
Sunset Campus
the swary family

I can’t say enough good things about Pineview — it’s clean and bright, the teachers are loving and engaged, and it’s a great mix of fun and learning. I am impressed by the amount of planning that goes into the curriculum and activities. I feel like my 3-year-old is absolutely thriving here, and he is learning so much every week. When I drop him off every day, he is happy and excited to see his friends and teachers, and I know he is in a very loving and safe environment. After moving to Miami, we had tried two other day care facilities before coming to Pineview, and they don’t even remotely compare to the wonderful facilities, organized administration and overall setting we have experienced at Pineview during the last two years. I only wish we had come here first! There is excellent communication between the school and parents, including regular emails, progress reports, parent-teacher conferences and even the class Shutterfly sites. I would recommend Pineview to anyone.


The Swary Family
Sunset Campus
ellen becker

Moving my 2- and 4- year-olds to Pineview Preschools, has been the best decision I have made for my children in their short lives. Within the first week of their transitions, there were noticeable changes in their behaviors at home. My daughter was reading out loud to her dolls, and even practicing phonetic drills around the house. My two-year-old son no longer cries in agony when I drop him off in the mornings. He even volunteers to me every afternoon that, “I had a good day mommy!” Cleanliness and hygiene are a priority for me, and are the reason we left our previous school. So when I pick up my kids each afternoon and can smell how clean the school is, it only reinforces my faith in Pineview. The staff, particularly the director, have been so professional and helpful and have made us feel like family from day one. The tech-savvy bonus of being able to see photos of my kids’ weekly activities on their website makes it even better. The main office never floods my in-box with junk. Correspondence is brief, relevant and friendly. The staff is calm, the kids are calm, and mommy is extremely satisfied.


Ellen Becker
Sunset Campus

I could not be happier! Two years ago, my husband and I moved with our two children (ages 1 and 3 at the time) to the Miami area. Not knowing anyone or the area, we had to find a preschool for both our children. After reviewing about five schools we decided on Pineview Preschool, based on the cleanliness of the school and the programs. Little did we know how happy we would be. The teachers are efficient with their communication and I always find that their emails include upbeat messages and I personally love the Smile Box’s that the teachers send with pictures of my kids throughout their days events. The school is flexible and willing to work with us as busy parents, in many ways including the option for dietary needs.


Today my son has graduated and is in public school and all I wish is that I could find a public school as good as Pineview for upper grades. Cynthia, the owner, has gone out of her way to help us out many times and she deserves to be noted on her professional and caring manor.


The Arismendy Family
Sunset Campus

We moved to the United States in March 2013 and our daughter needed to start school immediately; we were worried and scared of this situation. After research and asking around, we finally arrived at Pineview Preschools. We are in love… the facilities are beautiful and clean, the teachers and management are lovely and intelligent and have a lot of patience. The school has a lot of good activities and my daughter has learned a great deal in such a little time. We are very happy to have found a place where our daughter is happy and we are in peace every time we leave her there. Thank You!


Andres, Ivonne and Emma Ortiz

We stumbled upon Pineview Preschools, by doing a Google search for preschools in the Miami area. Looking at what the website highlighted, we definitely wanted to see more. Upon going on the tour and meeting with the Pineview staff, we knew instantly this is where we wanted our daughter to be — and we have not been disappointed! We absolutely love our daughters teachers in the infant room! They are simply amazing! We can see how much they care for our daughter by our daughter’s smiles, squeals, and laughs, when we watch their interactions together. Her room is inviting, stimulating, and her teachers do so many interactive things with the students. We feel truly blessed to have found Pineview Preschools, and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a caring, educational, and fun place for their children to learn and grow.


Amy Hawley
the moore family

Sofia has been at Pineview since she was 18 months old. It was one of the most difficult times as a parent leaving her in the hands of others. Now she is 4 years old and Pineview and its staff have become a second family for us. We are so proud of every milestone she has accomplished, from potty training to learning her ABC’s. None of this could have been done without the excellent help of her teachers. Sofia adores coming to school! My husband and I feel the genuine love and care for Sofia from all of her teachers. We always recommend Pineview to all of our friends and family.


The Moore Family

Our son will be graduating this year from Pre-K 4 and we cannot believe time has flown this fast! Almost 3 years ago, we decided to look for a school for our son, as it was time for him to start interacting on a daily basis with other kids. We looked around for a few months, until we found Pineview Preschools through a friend of ours. Our experience could not have been better; every single teacher has been extra caring and patient with our son as well as with all the children.


We feel gratitude for all the personnel — they are always smiling, willing to help, to answers questions and above all to make you feel like your child is greatly cared for. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for having made our experience at Pineview so wonderful and for having taken care of our son for all these years. We will be embarking soon on a new kinder adventure; new school; new friends; new teachers; and we can only hope he finds a few people as professional and caring as you.


Carlos, Beatriz and Tomás Collazos
johanny reyes

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and all the wonderful staff at Pineview. You all have been a family to us. It seems like yesterday Jonathan was 3 months old entering Pineview Preschools. He is such a smart talented boy and has learned so much and developed such great talents because of his teachers’ dedication and support. As we saw him graduate yesterday, we can’t help but reminisce on these five wonderful years at Pineview. I also want to share our experience with Ms. Jo who has been an excellent teacher and has helped Jonathan develop his artistic talents. Ms. Jo is such a caring, loving teacher who has always been available for support and assistance. Ms. Jo is awesome! I can’t thank her enough.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Johanny Reyes


the shwartz family

Pineview Preschools is an amazing school with wonderful teachers who genuinely care about their students and families. Pineview makes sure that your child will be ready for pre-k and kindergarten. I am amazed at the things my son has learned and how quickly his intellect is growing due to the phenomenal teachers, curriculum and learning environment at Pineview. I refer anyone and everyone to Pineview and will continue to do so. I can’t say enough good things about Pineview Preschools! Give them a try. You will not be disappointed!


The Shwartz Family
luis fernando medellin

We went to a birthday party for one of Kiki’s friend from her last school and all the parents were talking about how advanced their kids are (they are all in kindergarten and in a different school). They were mentioning how their kids know the alphabet, are starting to “almost” read, write and so on. When it was my turn, I told all the parents that my beautiful 4-year old Kiki knows most of the states of The United States of America and their respective capitals, she’s also doing math and starting to read and write in an incredible way, she’s one of the best well behaved kids in her class and she is in Pre-K. There was a long silence in the room and all the parents didn’t know what to say.


Thank you Ms. Mabel, Ms. Jeanory and especially Ms. Jo and Ms. Confessora for dedicating so much time and effort in our daughter’s education. You are The BEST!


Luis Fernando Medellin
the centeno family

This is the last year for my son, Lucas E. Centeno, at Pineview and we don’t want to miss this opportunity to at least write this note to express our sincere appreciation to you for all that you do, in such a dedicated and tireless way. Our son has benefited in many ways from having you as his teacher. We know so much of your efforts can go unnoticed, but we want to let you know that we do notice and that we are so very grateful for your willingness to constantly go above and beyond. We feel so proud of our son for all the knowledge he has acquired, such as; reading skills. He is starting to read his books at home. He loves numbers; we are really amazed at his understanding and enthusiasm he shows. He really enjoys the Solar System, he knows the planets names and their descriptions. It is really amazing what he has learned and we know this would not be possible without the amazing teacher he was blessed to have. Thank you again, on behalf of my family. We truly appreciate you more than you know.


The Centeno Family
sarah wade

I absolutely love Pineview Preschools! With an abundance of daycare/preschools in the Miami area, I am grateful every day for finding this preschool. The entire staff is always friendly and professional and the school is kept clean. I am even more excited to hear that Ms. Josette will be moving on to the Prek4 class. When Jayvon graduated to her class, I was nervous about his transition because he had grown very attached to Ms. Yaumara. Jayvon was a very quiet child that often liked to play by himself and was behind in speech development. Ms. Josette had noticed this behavior in Jayvon and assured me that, if we worked together, Jayvon would overcome these issues. Within a few months, Jayvon was talking more and socializing with the other students. The improvement over the year has been more than we could ever ask for; Jayvon reads bedtime books to me at night and makes new friends in any social environment. I feel like Ms. Josette really goes out of her way, to not only teach her children age appropriate education, but also life skills such as basic manners and respect for others. A positive educational environment is so important in the early years and I feel that Jayvon has benefited tremendously from his experience with Ms. Josette.


Thank you for all that you do to keep Pineview Preschools a safe and loving environment for children to grow and learn.


Sarah Wade

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