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the jordan family

My son has attended Pineview Preschools for two years and I am grateful that he has been able to attend. Of all the schools I visited and toured, I found that Pineview ranked at the top with education, care, security, nutrition, flexibility of hours and also economics. The school provides enough structure, while also providing the nurturing environment children need when they are infants, toddlers and preschoolers. I’ve seen my son grow and learn, become more independent and make new friends. The teachers are kind, welcoming and well qualified for each age group. I’ve grown very fond of all the teachers my son has had. The school always has fun and different activities for the children. I feel that thanks to Pineview my son’s transition to elementary school is going to be a smooth one.


The Jordan Family
Douglas Campus
the sutterlin family

Pineview Preschools has great teachers that are very kind and professional! Learning is fun and many different activities are offered that really help our children to grow!


The Sutterlin Family
Douglas Campus

It wasn’t our original plan to put our 14-month-old daughter into a daycare scenario, but our nanny situation changed and we decided it was time for our daughter Charlotte to start school during Summer Camp 2011. The teachers at Pineview are very loving and nurturing – they really look out for the best interest of the child, while catering to the schedules of working parents. Ms. Marlyn was very instrumental in her early development and enabled us to stop thinking of our daughter as the preemie that she had been. At 18 months, she was physically and developmentally caught up, but some parents take a little longer to get there. Ms. Marlyn always took the time to answer our questions and update us on her progress throughout the first year!


Charlotte’s development continued to exceed our expectations through her second year with Ms. Karina and Ms. Tania – whom she just adores! She developed so much faster the second year and it was amazing to see the transformation in her cognitive, language and social skills. Ms. Tania was an invaluable help with potty training as well – we couldn’t have done it without her (she is an angel)!


There are many objective reasons that one chooses a preschool and Pineview definitely has them: from the cleanliness of the facilities to the curriculum you employ, to the schedules/hours covered and the caliber of the teachers. But what matters most are the intangibles: it’s that feeling we get that when we drop her off we know that she is safe, that she is loved and that she is happy.


Thank you for taking care of our precious Charlotte for the past two years.


Claudia & Thomas Rudkins
Douglas Campus

As I dropped the boys off at Coconut Grove Elementary this morning for their first day of summer camp (leading up to their start of Kindergarten this coming fall), I was very conscious of the fact that Pineview Preschools was a significant part of their positive development over the past three years!

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Miss Emily and Miss Ingrid (and ALL the staff at Pineview,) for the noticeable positive effects of your love, patience and guidance on the boys. And of course all the memories. My sincerest thanks and a job well done!


Craig Wright
Douglas Campus
miriam & rolando perez

Pineview Preschools has been a wonderful environment for our son to learn, grow and develop all the skills needed for his age. Since my husband and I work full time, it was imperative for us to find an engaging and loving learning environment for our son. We have been part of Pineview Preschool for 2 years and we truly enjoy the experience of seeing a happy and joyful little person staying at his school every morning. We are so thankful and truly appreciate the professionalism of all the staff!


Miriam & Rolando Perez
Douglas Campus

Let me start by thanking you all for such a wonderful time that my two daughters have had during their years at Pineview Preschools. We love the program, the caring teachers and everything that comes with it. We have entrusted our two little girls since a young age — which is not easy for working parents. But seeing them so happy every day at school, gives us both the peace of mind that every parent needs when leaving their child. They both have such beautiful memories about this school and their teachers… they will be unforgettable. Centeno Family Douglas School.


The Centeno Family
Douglas Campus

Our experience with Pineview Preschools has been a pure pleasure. I still remember how worried I was when searching for the right school for my son, as we had just arrived in Miami. We visited every school in the area and finally were interested in Pineview, but still not sure. So I stood in the parking lot one afternoon talking to parents who came to pick-up their kids. I did not hear a single complaint, only praises. So I decided to go ahead with the school. I still remember my son’s first day, we were all anxious but he returned smiling. We never heard him say again, “I don’t want to go to school today”.


He was in Ms. Joe’s class for a year and I could see him growing in all domains. Ms. Joe would pay special attention to him, as he was a shy kid in the beginning. I could see him opening up, making friends, interacting with the group and also learning English. And it was the same for the next year with Ms. Patria — I could see Pragyan developing his language, math and social skills.


The school offers extracurricular activities like karate and piano classes, which Pragyan loves. There is always some special event going on and the teachers and staff participate very enthusiastically. And I must also mention the summer camp. It was great fun for Pragyan and featured many field trips. I don’t know how the school manages to arrange these trips with so many students, but I never heard any complaints. The school management is very friendly and supportive. They keep us informed in advance regarding anything our child might need or in preparation for events.


In closing, we would like to thank Pineview Preschools for the great time that we’ve had together.


Uday, Monika and Pragyan
beatriz urgelles

As Luis Emiliano keeps growing, we are very happy and pleased to have him enrolled at Pineview Preschools. Our two-year-old loves his school and talks about his friends and teachers. He is learning a lot and his social skills are wonderful. We are proud of the decision we made to have him attend Pineview. Here is a picture with his teacher Ms. Marlenis.


Very best to all at Pineview Preschools!


Beatriz Urgelles
jorge munoz

Pineview Preschools is a very well organized school with caring teachers that go far above and beyond the expectations of most parents. I have never had an issue with any of their staff and our daughters have always been happy to be dropped off at school in the morning, which already says a lot. I would recommend Pineview Preschools to other parents.


Jorge Munoz
matt & mariana debenedictis

Our experience with Pineview Preschool program has been overwhelmingly positive. I have been amazed by the quality of the staff. They are always very loving, understanding, and available to both parents and children. As a working mom, I have the peace of mind that both of my sons are going to have a great time, eat well and most importantly they are going to receive a lot of love. The school is always clean and very well maintained.


My husband and I are very happy to see the “leaps” in my children’s social, emotional, and developmental growth since they first began the program and I am positive we owe these “growth spurts” to the incredibly competent and gifted staff.


The program has provided my sons with the valuable resources and support to help them reach new levels of growth and realize their full potential. I am forever thankful for the positive strides we have witnessed in our sons’ growth and development. A simple “thank you” will never be enough!


Matt & Mariana DeBenedictis
Sunset Campus
malisa delahiguera

My son Winston started Pineview when he was 5 months old. He is 2 now and has learned so much from his teachers. They are amazing! The teachers and staff always make us feel welcome and comfortable. Every day when I drop him off, I can see he is happy to be there. We are so happy to have found such a wonderful school!


Malisa DeLaHiguera
Sunset Campus
the rosado family

We are extremely pleased with the decision we made in selecting Pineview Preschools. Each passing month has reaffirmed our belief that we have placed our son in an environment where he feels comfortable and is able to immerse himself in a learning based culture. Each developmental stage in the formative years is so critical and we feel the Pineview staff has the right approach to maximize our son’s potential. As parents we love the constant communication the school maintains. This communication ranges from daily progress reports, monthly curriculums and access to pictures that are taken during class activities. Our son’s happiness is a direct reflection of the caring and personalized attention he receives from Ms. Monica and Ms. Marta. These are only some of the reasons we look forward to continuing our relationship with Pineview, when we re-enroll our daughter next year. Warmest regards!


The Rosado Family
Sunset Campus

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